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ToonTrack Superior Drummer 2.0 for $149

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2.0 is pretty much the standard for drumming software, but not everyone has $349 to spend on it.  Luckily, Superior Drummer can sometimes be found on sale for as low $149 with free shipping from certain music stores.

I used to update this post each time I noticed a sale, but I don’t check that often, so I’m just putting up links for the places that are most likely to run a Superior Drummer sale.  By doing that, you won’t miss it if I don’t update it in time.  Just click each link (opens in a new window) and go right to the product page, instead of searching each site for the current price.

Update: As of 1/24/12, the Amazon link will be the cheapest, followed by ZZounds.

Superior Drummer 2.0 at Amazon ($159 – Free Shipping)
Superior Drummer 2.0 at Zzounds ($199 – Free Shipping)
Superior Drummer 2.0 at Musician’s Friend
Superior Drummer 2.0 at Guitar Center
Superior Drummer 2.0 at Music 123

When you see it for $149, jump on it because they usually don’t give notice of when the sale is going to end. Note: Since I originally posted this, the $149 sales haven’t happened very often, so if any of the links have it for $199 or less, that’s probably about as low as it will get.

Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 is for both Windows & Mac and the package also includes EZ Player Pro & Toontrack Solo.

Welcome to Between The Sounds . com

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

I’m not 100% sure of which direction this site will go in, but it will most likely focus on guitar, since that’s what I play. As I have the time, I’ll try to post some tips & info that some might find useful and maybe a few product reviews. I’ll try not to pass on my laziness, poor practice habits, or any of that good stuff. 😉