Frankenpick: Ultex Jazz III Pick With A Black Tip

Like I mentioned before, I’ve been using the black Dunlop Jazz III picks, even though I prefer the grip of the Ultex version (or even the red one). I also mentioned that an Ultex pick with the black tip would be perfect…


Ain’t she purty? I got bored and decided it was time to try mating an Ultex Jazz III with a black one.

Not the most beautiful mating job, but it worked well enough to know I like it. I just scored them both with a razor blade and snapped off the tips, cleaned up the edges with a file, then joined them with super glue.

I wasn’t sure if the two materials would bond or not, but it held up to a few days of normal playing, until I decided to see how far it could be pushed without snapping. RIP, Frankenpick!

Ideally, there would be less of a black tip, but I was going for maximum mating surface for strength, plus I could overlap it with my fingers to put less stress on it. The tip on that is 5/16″ but 3/16″ would probably be ideal, especially if you take the time to line it up perfect and get a smooth edge.

If you want to get fancy, it might even be better to just put an Ultex center in a black pick.

I’d say it held up alright for being quickly slapped together. I’ll put a little more effort into making a nicer one by lining it up better and smoothing the edges more. And also clamping it in a way that keeps it perfectly straight while the glue dries.

Well, if you read this far, hopefully you’re Jim Dunlop and you’re on your way back to the shop to start pumping these out. Then, you’ll probably want to pay me for my brilliant idea and send me a lifetime supply of the Blacktex/Ultblack picks. Woo hoo!

I might even try putting a black tip on a red pick and see how that goes. Even though the grip wouldn’t be as good as the Ultex, I’m wondering if the glue bond would bet better.

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  1. Scott Conner Says:

    Have you yet seen the new Max Grip Jazz III’s listed on the Dunlop website?

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